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Education & group facilitation

Delivering culturally responsive group sessions, professional development and resources

We offer a range of programmes and workshops to suit your needs and budget

Community Education
Sharing Ideas

Community education is a great way to introduce your group to talking more about money and sharing their knowledge with each other. Our experienced Educator facilitates group discussion about any money topic that might be of interest to the people in your group. We also offer a range of seminars and workshops.

This service is subsidised for community groups and schools. 

Our Community Education Programmes are proudly sponsored by the Lottery Grants Board and the Nelson Building Society

Business meeting
Workplace Workshops & Short Courses

Good employers take care of their people. We offer a broad range of tailored workshops, Sorted Seminars and Workplace Programmes for employers to empower their valued staff.

"Employers realise that people who are coping financially also tend to enjoy better wellbeing, which has knock-on effects on productivity and reduced absenteeism."

Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission


MoneyMates are groups that you can join where you will get support from people going through the same things, share ideas about how you can increase your budgeting skills and get more information about things you can do to manage your money.

A great way to help us connect with our communities, friends and whanau, share what we know and build our financial capability together. 

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Please contact our Educator and Facilitator Lisa Dyer

           03 546 9021

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