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Sorted seminars and programmes are developed by the 



Tackling debt

Good vs bad debt and how to get out of debt fast

(approx. 1 hour) 

It’s good to be able to borrow money. It can help us buy things like a house or a business, or to get an education. But sometimes it can turn into a real drag on our finances. This Sorted seminar will introduce your participants to managing debt well. 

Getting ahead

Sorting our money, tackling debt and seeing the future


(approx. 1 hour) 

Getting our money sorted can make an amazing difference to our lives, and it can be easier than we might think – especially when we have a little help. This 'Getting ahead' seminar will introduce participants to three main things to do to get sorted financially: sorting our money, tackling debt and seeing our future. 

Setting goals, making a budget

The first steps to getting sorted

(approx. 1 hour) 

Setting our financial goals puts us in charge – whether those goals are short or long term, small or large. Whatever they are, having goals gives us something to aim for. And making a budget helps us achieve them. By setting realistic goals and a budget, we start to bring our goals within reach. This Sorted seminar will introduce participants to setting goals and making a budget. 

Dialling up KiwiSaver

How the scheme works, choosing a fund and making the most of KiwiSaver


(approx. 1 hour) 

KiwiSaver is a great deal, helping many of us get ahead and be better off in retirement. But there is some tweaking to do – like picking the right fund to be in – in order to get the most out of it. This Sorted seminar will cover the key ways to optimise participants’ entire KiwiSaver experience and get the best results. 

Retirement planning

Planning for life after work and where the money will come from


(approx. 1.5 hours) 

Thinking about retirement is the first step you need to take to achieve the lifestyle you want when you’re no longer working. But what else do you need to do? Getting out of debt and saving for the long term will both help you to be better off in your retirement. This Sorted seminar introduces audiences to retirement planning. 

Saving and investing

Paying ourselves first and investing to build wealth


Saving and Investing (approx. 1 hour) 

Learning to save regularly is a big step towards getting ahead financially, and it can also help you get those things you want. And saving is the gateway to investing – making our money work for us so that it either provides us with an income or increases in value (or both!). This Sorted seminar will introduce participants to the basic principles for saving and investing. 

Get your Money Fighting Fit 

A 2.5 hour seminar that covers key tips and tricks to build financial skills

(approx. 2.5 hours) 

'Fighting Fit' seminar is a two-and-a-half-hour seminar that covers key tips and tricks to build financial skills that includes; our money attitudes, needs and wants, spending diaries, budgeting, money systems, goals, emergency funds, compounding interest, true cost of credit and insurances.

Show me the Money

'Show me the Money' is a 1.5 hour introduction to financial planning

(approx. 1.5 hours) 

The seminar is an opportunity for participants to consider their life goals, whether these are short, medium or long term. It then offers some financial solutions on how to reach those goals, starting from our present circumstances, and how to protect what’s important along the way.

Financing a Home

House deposits, financing a mortgage and what you can reasonably afford


(approx. 2 hours)

This Sorted seminar will cover growing a house deposit and who can help with buying a first home, the right mortgage for you, sales and purchase process and the fundamentals of financing a home. 

Sorted Seminars


Sorted Seminars

If you are interested in booking a Sorted Seminar for your group or workplace, please contact our Commission-Affiliated Facilitator, Lisa Dyer.  



Sorted Workplace Programmes

Bookings and enquiries for workplace programmes are managed by the Commission for Financial Capability. For more information, please go to their website.


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